Product Information


GO TUBELESS hose reel kit.

15 mtr of genuine ex-ceed hose.

1 X 6 or 8mm Brass hose barb to join to your hose reel.

1 X Protector pod fitting.

1 X  Protector pod.

1 X O-Clip.

Pre set up ready to go, for poles up to 45ft.

HOSE REEL KIT is replacing stage 1 tubeless kits.

Why are we replacing Tubeless water fed pole kits with GO TUBELESS?

Tubeless water fed pole kits could be challenging and tedious to fit, depending on style of water fed pole, sometimes not possible to fit at all.

GO TUBELESS as no such obstacles, and as opened up the opportunity for anyone to GO TUBELESS.

Why called GO TUBELESS?

It means anyone, any pole except (ova-8), can GO TUBELESS.

What are the benefits to GO TUBELESS?

1)  No need to coil away hose on your water fed poles, each time you put them away.

2) Only one hose is needed for all poles.

3) Van is tidy due to no hoses coiled and hanging in places.

4) Hose is much easier to manage, less tangles

5) Add or Takeaway pole sections with ease, don’t have to thread hose through pole sections

6) Poles are now hassle free to take apart to clean.

What Advantages are there of GO TUBELESS over previous Tubeless kits?

1)  unbelievably easy to fit, ready to go.

2)  Fits any pole except (ova-8).

3) No pole spacer is needed, affecting pole length.

4) No pole bung is needed.

5) Extension pole sections can now be added easily, (Gardiner poles for example).

6 Hose tails are easy to replace, simple push fit.

7) New pole end cap provided in each POLE KIT, no need to make the hole bigger in existing cap.