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Compatible with most wfps: (Gardiner SLX and CLX) (Facelift Poles) (Streamline Poles).

Only compatible with gardiner carbon goosenecks when permanently fixed.

Please phone 01565 328 328 to make sure your water fed poles are compatible.

Water fed pole tubeless kits are designed to create a tidier easier water fed pole setup. There is no hose attached to the water fed pole, as the pole hose is reeled on to the

hose reel along with the microbore hose, this means you no longer have hose attached to each pole, and one hose connects to every water fed pole.

What makes tubeless worthwhile?

  • No more hose attached means easier pole switch over from one pole to the next.
  • No need to coil and hang hoses up when putting your poles away.
  • No more water dripping from hoses on your van floor.
  • Water fed poles easier to put away with no irritating hoses dangling down.
  • Less likely to get pole hose snagged as when using Protecta balls.
  • Couplings lasting upto 5 x longer as they are now totally protected.
  • Easier to clean pole hose as it is cleaned each time it is reeled away(If you use a cloth).
  • Easier to clean your water fed pole sections,as no hose to pull through sections.

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