Vision Pure Water Additive

Product Description

Source: Jigsaw Innovations – Read their VISION Testimonials HERE

1. What is VISION Pure Water Additive?

VISION is a cleaning formula that has been designed to be added to purified water primarily for use along with water fed pole window cleaning. It has been tested by window cleaners through out the world, and is proven to be very beneficial, and enhances the results from pure water window cleaning.

2.  Why is VISION Pure Water Additive beneficial to me?

VISION gives purified water that added power that is sometimes needed. When added, it cleans better than pure water alone, leaves a great shine, and helps the brush head glide along the glass which can speed up your working day. Another benefit is that a lot of windows become more hydrophilic (having a strong affinity for water) so the final rinse is much easier, some users have experienced being able to work 30% faster than when using pure water alone.

3. Will adding VISION to my pure water cause spotting or streaking on windows?

No. Our pure water additive does not cause spotting. In fact when dosed as per our recommendation it can reduce spotting issues for many water fed pole users.

4. Will it raise the TDS reading of my water?

No. If you are using 000 parts per million pure water, after you have dosed your water with VISION then you should still have a reading of 000 once it has mixed through your pure water tank or container.

5. Is VISION safe for use in water fed poles?

Yes. VISION in its use is heavily diluted in your pure water to a recommended ratio of approximately 1-100,000. So VISIONposes no threat to the user or anyone coming in contact with it, as long as it is used correctly and as per our instructions.

6. How do I use VISION Pure Water Additive?

Simply add 1ml of VISION mix to 100L of purified water ready for window cleaning. This can be measured out a number of ways as you see fit, but a simple way is that one press of the pump bottle gives approximately 1ml of mix.

7. Is VISION going to cost me a lot to continually use?

Absolutely not. Just one of our 250ml bottles is enough to dose 25,000L of pure water. Roughly 10 weeks of use for the average window cleaner. That works out at less than £2 per week to use!

8. I use a backpack or trolley set up and only use 25L barrels. Can I still use VISION Pure Water Additive?

Certainly. The best way to measure out the mixture for 25L barrels would be as follows:
Take a designated container or bottle of any size and fill it up with pure water. Then add one pump of mix (1ml). This container now has enough mixture in it to dose 4 x 25L barrels.
Pour 1/4 of the container into a 25L barrel of pure water and there you have the correct dosage. Please note that for safety reasons, once the container is used for this purpose of pre mixing, rinse it out with pure water and mark on the bottle “Do not drink”. Keep out of reach of children.

9. When I add VISION to my pure water why does it turn a misty or cloudy colour?

When you first add VISION to your tank or container this can happen but don’t worry. After a few minutes or after a little stir you will see it has returned to its original state. It takes some time for VISION to fully mix with pure water. Instead of adding unnecessary products to help mix it quickly, we feel that this is actually a good measure to show that VISION is thoroughly mixed in your tank or container.

10. When is best to dose tank or container with VISION?

We recommend if possible to add VISION to your pure water the night before your work. This means that it will be thoroughly mixed into your pure water. You can however dose it and use it after a few minutes. We have tested this and it still proves very effective.

11. I only used half a tank of water today, so I still have some mix in my tank. Can I add more when I top up with pure water?

Yes you can. Just keep track of how much pure water you are adding and dose accordingly. If you have a 500L tank and are topping up from half way, then that means you will need enough mixture for 250L of pure, which is 2.5ml, or 2-3 pumps of the dispenser. A good way to keep track of how much mix is in your tank is by checking the TDS. If your pure water gives you 000 but in your tank is reading 001, then you don’t need to add any more VISION